About Us

Welcome to Rolfe Planning Partnership, which is a newly formed business created in 2012 and which offers a wide variety of planning and development services. We operate from a home-based office, within an old, former farmhouse, in Cornwall. We are currently offering our services throughout the West Country, particularly focussed on Cornwall and Devon. More about the team

How We Can Help

You may be at the early stages of a development idea or you could be having problems getting planning permission. Perhaps you want to object to an application to develop land next to your property but don’t know exactly what to do or say. If any of these circumstances, or anything similar apply to you, please refer to our services offered.

Chartered Members of the RTPI

Clients can be assured that all activities undertaken by Rolfe Planning Partnership will be carried within the guidance and codes of the RTPI. Their Code of Professional Conduct dictates that every member acts with competence, honesty and integrity, and exercises independent professional judgement at all times. Further information can be found here.

Some more about us…

We have ambitions to be rapidly build a reputation for providing high quality planning and development advice to local architects, solicitors, development companies and individual applicants and always within client expected timescales. We will do this within an evolving marketplace and provide a service that represents true value for money to our clients. Generally speaking on local schemes early initial advice whether over the phone or at meetings on site, is free of charge.

Each case will be properly scoped so we gain a full understanding of clients desired outcomes from a particular development project. We then advise on the best approach or solutions in planning terms to meet the clients objectives. Whilst guarantees of outcomes cannot be given within the complexities of the planning system, every effort will be made to achieve successful outcomes.

Rolfe Planning Partnership has the necessary blend of knowledge, skills and experience to enable us to either act as lead consultant on a planning or development project; or alternatively act in a supporting role within a project team led, for example, by your architect.